Human Resource Management

It is essential to business success to cultivate a diverse and inclusive culture in all areas of business. Learn more about how our custom cross-cultural intelligence workshops and D.E.I. seminars can help

Creating a positive organizational culture is one of the best strategic business advantages you can attain because your competitors cannot replicate it.

Human Resource Management

Several years of research documents the importance of employee satisfaction to organizational progress and profitability. That is why “quality investment in our associates” is one of our three cardinal points to ensure we operate at our best at all times. Taking the right steps can help organizations achieve employee motivation, increase retention, and attract the best talent pool. These aspects also improve productivity resulting in increased profitability and better growth.

Our associates are not only trained but also have years of successful leadership experience. We will study your organization’s culture and practices and offer strategies on how to strengthen them and make them employee-centric.

Areas of Expertise

Recruitment and Staffing

Having proper recruitment and staffing policies and practices is central to your human resource management. Our management consultants will evaluate and screen your existing practices and rate them against standard best practices.

Based on the reports generated, we will recommend reconstructive measures where necessary to promote diversity and inclusiveness allowing your organization tap into a wider talent pool.

Based on your business needs, we will work with your team to develop and implement policies that will help restructure your recruitment process to make it seamless and long-lasting. We also support clients in attracting well-equipped HR professionals capable of efficiently managing the company’s staffing and recruitment needs. We will work closely with your HR team in staff hiring and onboarding processes, staff training, retention rate, and lay-off as needed.

Recruitment and Staffing

Corporate Training

Our corporate training sessions begins with an evaluation of each of your employees’ knowledge base of the company’s basic strategies and best practices to determine the most suitable training packages.

Corporate Training

Our seasoned trainers will develop general and targeted training programs for your organization to test, train, and engage your employees.

These training sessions will also encourage them to improve communication skills, become more inclusive, share feedback, build connections, and motivate them to do the work required to achieve their business goals. In addition to designing and implementing employee training plans, and assessing training and development requirements, we also support our clients in helping their staff develop new skills and expertise, develop refresher training manuals, conduct in-person training workshops, and evaluate training effectiveness.

Staff & Resource Augmentation

Staff and resource augmentation, like any other organizational strategy, must be thoroughly analyzed to ensure it is the right strategy for your company’s needs before an implementation plan is formulated.

In addition, choosing the right staff augmentation model and several factors have to be considered to make the right decision, such as project length, project confidentiality, budget, type and level of the skill set needed and many more.

We will work with your company’s leadership and HR Managers to first determine if this service is the right solution for your business needs by evaluating the project/program objectives and assessing in-house resources and resource capacity. When staff and resource augmentation is done right, it should increase scalability, save money, improve operational performance, provide accessibility to a larger talent pool, and enhance business adaptability.

Staff and Resource Augmentation

Leadership Development

Our team of certified trainers have the necessary expertise required to conduct leadership development training sessions and workshops. We will organize training sessions and seminars with leaders within your organization to help them grow and evolve into more influential individuals.

Leadership Development

These sessions will also include critiquing common but harmful structural practices to help your leaders develop more effective alternatives to boosting employee performance.

Our senior-level trainers will guide your company and its leaders in strengthening the organization's future governance and stewardship in the direction of your organization's needs. They will help guide your leaders in selecting the most suitable leadership styles best suited for their respective teams and most importantly, on how best to lead by example. Our efforts will also include designing, delivering, and evaluating management and leadership development initiatives and programs that build confidence and capability in organizational leaders across all sectors.

Welfare, Compensation, Remuneration

Employee motivation can be challenging to achieve especially because everyone has different needs and motives. Our team of consultants have partnered with several of our clients over the past years in developing reward practices, remuneration rating programs, and compensation packages that have significantly improved employee motivation and contribution without significantly increasing operational costs.

We will study your existing models and conduct extensive interviews with your employees to identify any room for improvement. We will then propose plans to restructure your existing models to make them more relevant and effective.

Our experts will support in formulating the best appraisal system for your company that best serves as a basic motivational function, improves individual performance, increases efficiency, and properly defines management's expectations. We will also guide in implementing these new systems and conduct informative sessions to educate your managers and employees.

Welfare, Compensation, Remuneration

Deployment and Redeployment

Creating career growth and development opportunities is an important aspect of human resource management. We will leverage our knowledge and experience to help you create deployment and redeployment structures within your organization that support talent retention.

Deployment and redeployment

Talent mobility not only helps employees understand their career objectives and interests, but it will also help you recognize talent and nurture it.

Our teams will design the best plans for your company and assist in gradually integrating them into your organization's structure. This will help you train and retain talent and reduce recruitment costs while improving productivity. Our services in this field also include overseeing business record management; establishing new management system records; developing, maintaining, verifying, and evaluating existing systems to include personnel records.


Human resource management systems that are well-managed inculcate and foster a positive work environment and increases employee motivation. If looking to improve these systems and performance metric, get in touch with our team

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Client Testimonial


KoPh is truly one of our most valuable and appreciated strategic partnerships. Working with them has been a game changer for our organization in all demanded business areas. When it comes to HR, their solutions are unmatched. They oversee all aspects from recruiting, training, compliance, employee handbooks, and much more. Their efforts have significantly reduced our operational costs and increased our output

Christopher Lawal

General Managing Director, NNPC