Government and Public

As government and public entities grapple with economic uncertainties and the need for innovation, they look to partner with industry experts for support

Government and Public
Government and Public

Whether local, state, federal, or non-profit organizations, KoPh provides the necessary resources to support our clients in tackling their toughest challenges holistically and tactfully through a combination of business experience, realistic strategies, and consulting insights.

With an in-depth understanding of their most important issues, comprehensive data analytics, and cutting-edge technology platforms, we help clients rise to every challenge and achieve long-term success across all agencies.

Key Sectors:

Veterans Affairs

Veterans Affair

Supporting veterans and their families is extremely important to us at KoPh, as our CEO is a decorated veteran herself. Our multidisciplinary team is committed to helping her achieve one of her goals of improving the success and outreach of the VA government and partners in the battle against veteran suicide, hunger, homelessness, and other pressing issues.

By providing technical and organizational assistance to government veteran organizations, we continue to represent our uniformed servicemen, women, and families in all military branches.

Veterans Affairs

Defense & Security

Defense & Security
Defense & Security

Our diverse team of industry experts collaborate with government agencies to combat any threats to national security. We encourage creativity and practical solutions to retain an organizational edge, allowing our agencies to be more effective in dealing with pressures and ready to engage at all times.

We are ready to help with revenue distribution, cost reduction, program management, digital transformation, people and expertise management, resource allocation, capacity planning, and more.

Public Health

Public Health

Our public health strategies reach beyond our home economy to the rest of the world, bringing cutting-edge expertise and powerful tools to strengthen public health outcomes in all countries.

Our expertise in data collection and research, program evaluation, policy and procedure reviews, health survey designs, public health monitoring, health training and communication, and technical assistance ensures our clients receive all-rounded guidance to advance and improve public health activities around the world.

Public Health



With global alliances and partnerships, our experts offer leading services in this sector to governments around the world to help improve educational systems, school districts, and education agencies to promote student success, refine existing programs, policies, processes, and maximize resources.

Our industry-leading training curricula, data systems, technology platforms, workforce growth model, logistics, governance, and financial strategies put our clients and the people they represent in a position to succeed like never before. Our focused insight into educational matters and trends enables us to assist our clients in achieving their organizational goals while influencing federal and state policies.

Labor & Social Security

Labor & Social Security

We partner with government clients and agencies to evaluate, plan, examine, and enforce comprehensive jobs, civil rights, worker's compensation, immigrant employment, social security, human resources, occupational health and safety, and child labor programs that add value to citizens lives.

We also assist in proactive evaluation of systems, rules, and procedures to ensure that they continue to meet their original purpose as well as develop new sophisticated solutions where needed to even supersede the original intent and optimize human resources.

Labor & Social Security

Consulting Services


Government and Public

We conduct economic, social, and technological research to assist our clients in developing new strategies, procedures, or services that meet their agency's needs while also helping to enhance their standard of living. We also investigate existing systemic issues, work directly with cross-functional and technology teams to establish baselines, determine goals, and prioritize program activities.

Government and Public
Health & Life Sciences

Our team represents and supports our government clients, agencies and ministries on a plethora of public administrative affairs including public relations, strategic planning, policy review/development, and public asset management.



Primary NAICS Code

  • 541611 – Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services

Secondary NAICS Codes

  • 541612 – Human Resources Consulting Services
  • 541613 – Marketing Consulting Services
  • 561312 – Executive Search Services
  • 561330 – Professional Employer Organizations
  • 611430 – Professional and Management Development Training
  • 561920 – Convention and Trade Show Organizers

PSC Codes

  • U008 – Education/training - Training/curriculum Development
  • U004 – Education/training – Scientific/management
  • R405 – Support – Professional: Operations Research/quantitative Analysis
  • R406 – Support – Professional: Policy Review/development
  • R408 – Support – Professional: Program Management/support
  • R410 – Support – Professional: Program Evaluation/review/development
  • R422 – Support – Professional: Market Research/public Opinion
  • R431 – Support – Professional: Human Resources
  • R707 – Support – Professional: Contract/Procurement/acquisition support


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